XSOUNDBEATZ on Reaching Millions of Spotify Streams Through Creating Authentic, High-Quality Music.


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Thanks to the internet, our exposure to new artists is not dependent on recorded deals and radio hits. Some artists of all ages have been able to venture out on social media, release music on their own and start their careers in their bedrooms.

This is especially true for young artists. By following a group of artists on forums such as SoundCloud and Spotify, XSOUNDBEATZ is completely changing the way we share and acquire music. And of course, the music they make is unlike anything we have ever heard, as these new artists combine genres of music, take inspiration from the past and create something of their own. You make music that expresses your emotions, even those that you do not know yourself. His dreamy sound is inspired by beautiful tunes and songs, and his words are removed from his deepest feelings of joy, sorrow, love and more.


Bringing his unique style and talents to the table, his music is thrilling and captures the ear of his listeners with his high energy and witty flow, and has the work ethic and upbeat energy that is sure to take him to the next level. Year after year we have been witness to different talented beings who have come to the forefront of various industries and how they are disrupting the scene while offering something new with their skills and abilities. The world of music is such which has so far given umpteen numbers of talents and also endless opportunities for musical artists to rise above others and exhibit their true love and passion for music.

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