Home News JUICE WRLD at war with himself in New Animated Video “Currently DEAD”

JUICE WRLD at war with himself in New Animated Video “Currently DEAD”



In spite of the fact that Juice WRLD is no longer with us, his music will live until the end of time. Recently, the late Chicago local dropped another video for “Currently Dead.”

The melody “Currently Dead” comes from Juice’s second post mortem collection Fighting Demons and in the anime music video, he’s doing exactly that.

Chief Steve Cannon-coordinated transformed Juice WRLD into an animation adaptation of a battling samurai who’s doing combating himself.

“Currently Dead” additionally shows some inconspicuous film of Juice in the studio, performing, and flowing with his with companions. Then, at that point, mid-video, Cannon involved Juice’s voice as a voice over, in which Juice gave us a persuasive discourse.

“Regardless of whether it appears as though it’s incomprehensible, it’s incredibly, conceivable,” Juice says. “So don’t get anxious assuming you have a major objective. Simply work on it until you get to where you should be.”




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