Travis Porter Talks Performing on ‘The Millenium Tour’ and New Projects


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2022 and 2023 will be the year of Travis Porter. The Atlanta trio is fresh off the Turned Up Edition of The Millenium Tour. Joining Bow Wow, Keri Hilson, Crime Mob, and more legends, Travis Porter shows that they are of the same stature, turning up stages across the country.

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In 2021, Travis Porter dropped off the Travis Estates and is getting ready for a new album with Waka Flocka and a movie as a unit. Speaking with The SOURCE, Travis Porter’s Quez and Ali recall the journey alongside legends, what’s next for the trio, and more.

What has been the craziest show on the tour?

Quez: I think the first two were super crazy. The first two, I think that was like Charlotte, and what was the first one? Ali? I noticed Charlotte was second. I think it was Hampton, Virginia. Yeah, Hampton was crazy. It was nuts. But we had to get through like a week of production and stuff so we could get the show Perfect. The set’s crazy. Everybody set crazy.

You guys are on this tour, and it’s, of course, the Turned Up edition of the Millennium tour. What does it mean for you to be able to come out and still mean something to the people?

Ali: Man, it’s a crazy feeling. We still mean something, but we just ain’t been in front of all the people to actually see it.

Quez: It feels crazy. It’s letting us know all that hard work we did 10 or 12 years ago is actually – not paying off, but we did it for a reason. I feel like even the way that we started was a part of what’s going on today. We have real fans. It wasn’t a gimmick. It wasn’t like we were having on hella jewelry for them to like us. They liked us as people, and it is shown us today.

I caught y’all during college. Actually, y’all wear the soundtrack to college for me. Y’all came down to the University of Missouri.

Quez: Oh, I remember that. Mizzou. Yeah. That was different. Yeah, it’s black and yellow, right?

What’s the difference between crowds? Back then, everything wasn’t about Instagram or TikTok. Do you guys feel like it’s a different experience within the crowds now?

Quez: I just feel like now, when we perform, it’s different because you can see people’s eyes light up. When we were doing it, when we were younger, their eyes were kind of already lit, they were intrigued. Now when we perform, I look at people in the crowd, and it’s kind of like they getting that nostalgic feeling. It’s kind of like, “oh, I remember this.” The eyes get big. Back then, they knew we were about to turn it up. Now people forget that we are about to turn it up.

You guys mentioned how in-depth these sets are, and it’s a bunch of talent on this tour. How do you guys manage to stay energetic while also making sure that your time on stage is unique from anyone else who gets up there?

Ali: I feel like we just go in there and do us. We just have fun and just don’t get tired and just stay turned up the whole set. Yeah. We were the youngest people on tour. We got fresh legs out there. I feel like our sets are always different. It’s only a handful of people that perform like Travy.

Quez: They got us on this Millennium Tour, but really, we were young as hell. We were listening to all these people’s music when we were like 13 or 14 years old. So the people we are on tour with right now, these my legends.

We were at least six years after the millennium. These are people that I looked up to. Ying Yang Twins, Crime Mob, Trillville, like all the people, is from my side of town, from the east side of Atlanta. And then you got people that we never met before, like Pleasure P. I lost my virginity to Pleasure P songs. We feel honored to be on this joint.

You got the idea that you got these legends of people that you grew up with and now you’re standing next to them as their peers. What does that feel like?

Ali: We’ve been feeling like that our whole life. We see these people all of the time and grew up around them. It is just a good feeling, but it’s been that feeling for a minute.

Quez: One thing about this game is when they don’t see you, they feel like you’re dead or something. But it’s far from that. We have been doing the same thing, except for putting out music. We still have been on the road doing shows and going out and seeing people, meeting people, and being with the hottest girls and stars. We are still doing that, but it’s just not in everybody’s face or in the blogs.

You just mention the music, and I want to hop into that. Y’all gotta “Throw That A$$” with BRS Kash, and it’s like a mix of eras. What made Kash someone you wanted to work with?

Ali: Man, Kash is Strap’s little cousin. Cash used to be with us on every tour we had ever been on. And he looks just like Strap. When we used to go on tour, they’d be like, Oh, Strap was in some club on the east side, but it’ll be Kash. They look alike. If you put them two pictures right next to each other, you going to be like, oh yeah, them boys are cousins. So yeah, they cousins, though, you know what I’m saying? It’s, you know, that’s, that’s just the little army. That’s the little bro.

As a unit, y’all dropped the Travis Estates last year. What was it like delivering music in 2021, and was there anything different to your process?

Quez: I ain’t going to lie, I like putting out music in 2022. We ain’t put no money on that project at all, but the way of the world in 2021 or 2022, you don’t really have to, it’ll be better if you did. But with TikTok and stuff like that, they take songs and add Flame to ’em just off of you putting it out. So one of the songs that were going off of it is “Like Dat.” It was super big on TikTok. That was no music promotion, that was just some music that we wanted to drop. The next project we are about to drop with Waka Flocka, we really about to actually put this out, put money behind it, all types of promo.

You just mentioned that forthcoming release with Flocka. How does it feel to still have that relationship, and how far are y’all into that release?

Ali: That release is done. We just figure out the logistics for it now. But everything with that is done. That relationship with Waka is just so genuine. We all still go out together. You know, we all still, you know, to the same. It’s like, it is just so genuine, and that album is done.

I hear y’all also got a movie loading. What can we know about that?

Quez: Oh, man. The movie’s premise is basically we go back to college. Have you ever seen Animal House? Watch that, and you’ll get a good feel of what it’s going to be like. It’s like a Black animal house.

Ali: Hell yeah. It’s a party movie. It’s like a frat house. All the white people know what Animal House is, and all the Black people know what House Party is. You gotta understand House Party is still kind of like PG 13 Animal House. I feel like white people would know Animal House, and Black people really don’t know Animal House like that. But we know House Party, though.

Quez: The movie is going to be crazy, though. It’s going to be funny as hell. It’s going to be hella other stars in it.


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