Tisakorean shares on Collaborating with McDonald’s for New Sprite Single ‘Static’


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The infectious taste of Sprite and the crispness of the first sip took over the Internet. Joining in is a viral sensation and beat producer Tisakorean, who dropped “Static” featuring Sprite from McDonald’s.

The new single represents Tisakorean’s original idea of how he feels when he tastes McDonald’s Sprite. It is based on genuine McDonald’s fans and is composed with a hip-hop bassline and static as the background music. Sprite lovers can show us how they vibe with ‘Static’ by using #McDonaldsStaticSprite on TikTok or Instagram.

Speaking with The Source, Tisakorean let fans know what made the partnership ideal for him, the creative process of the partnership, and more.

The SOURCE: What let you know that McDonald’s was the best partner for you?

Tisakorean: I’ve always been a big fan of McDonald’s… I probably go there a few times a month. One of my songs, House Party, even mentions a Big Mac with pickles on it – so you know I’m a fan. And for this collaboration, I LOVE the fact that McDonald’s allowed me to be me. As a creator, you want to align yourself with people who will allow you to fully get the vision that’s in your head out. McDonald’s allowed me to do that! 

How did you approach this collaboration with both McDonald’s in mind but also being considerate of your own creativity?

Great question. I approached this collaboration like any other one. Full of ideas and ways to creatively bring the collaboration to life while staying true to myself. This song really represents McDonald’s fans and our love for Sprite from McDonald’s – I mean, it’s just one of the best drinks out there it deserves its own beat. And actual static already has its own rhythm and beat, which is a great foundation for remixing.

This partnership is centered around that crisp taste of Sprite. How would you describe what that initial sip is like?

My fans and friends on TikTok are always talking about Sprite from McDonald’s like it’s crispy, crunchy, and static. For me, I’d call it electric!

When creating – how did you decide on what you wanted this product to sound like?

I had seen all the memes comparing the sound of static and the taste of Sprite from McDonald’s. It was a no-brainer to use the TV Static. I also thought that turning the sound of static into something musical would be a fun challenge where I could put my skills as a beat producer to the test. As far as what I wanted it to sound like? I wanted you to think… wow, yea, that’s the feeling I get when I take that first sip.

In creating this hit, how long did it take you, and was there any obstacles in getting to the final product?

20 minutes and No. Creativity was flowing that Day! Every time the bass dropped, I tried to use the sound of static, especially at each four-count. I knew that using it in this way would make it an easy rhythm to vibe with.

In what ways would you like to see this collaboration grow on TikTok?

For me, it’s just so fun to see so many people using the beat on TikTok. I’m just excited to show more of the WORLD what that first sip of sprite from McDonald’s feels like. Tap into the hashtag on TikTok. The static beat will be around forever – that way, fans can continue to come back and show how they are vibing to the beat and even use it to create their own videos to share with friends.


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