The Source |[WATCH] DJ Quik Says He Almost Got Killed After “All Eyez On Me” Leaked


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In a new interview on Talib Kweli’s People’s Party podcast, DJ Quik said he almost lost his life after 2Pac’s Death Row Records debut “All Eyez On Me” was leaked.

Quik told Kweli how he left a copy of All Eyez On Me in his car and his security guards would regularly use his car. One of the guards would let his friends listen to the tape and then started distributing copies around L.A.

“I almost got killed over a 2Pac bootleg! I had a machine gun put in my face!” Quik said around the 48-minute mark. “But I was still defending him, I was like, ‘Fuck it, do what you gotta do.’ I can’t run! This muthafucka got 30 shots in it, so I’ma just man up and take this shit.

“It was in my car and my security at the time used my car. He took the CD out and let his homeboys hear it. ‘Man, let me get a copy of that!’ ‘Cool’ So I’m in the studio, proofreading and listening to these mixes, making sure that they sound good. And I would give Suge a CD or ‘Pac a CD.”

He then explained how Suge Knight found out about the album leaking.

“The CD ended up in the neighborhood at Earthquake Sounds, a car shop or whatever. And dudes up there called Suge and was like, ‘Aye man, you know niggas up here playing the new 2Pac shit y’all working on?’ He’s like, ‘What?!’

“So I get a call, ‘Hey man, come up to the office.’ And I already know what them Death Row meetings, when they call you randomly at like 4:20. ‘Aye, fight traffic, get up here.’ I’m like, ‘Aww, this finna be some bullshit.’”

Quik then said that a fight started at the Death Row office over the leaked album. He then pressed his security guard about who he gave the album to. “We get up there and we confront it, and then a fight started in the fucking Death Row [office]. It was scrapping and shit. After the fight was done, my dumb-ass, I’m like, ‘Man, we just got accused of something we didn’t do!’ I’m like, ‘What did you do? Who did you give the CD to?’ [He’s like], ‘This guy.’

Quik continued his story, saying how things got heated when they confronted the culprit at his house. “So we go over to this guy’s house, he’s talking to us. He didn’t do it, yada yada, somebody else did it. So me, in my infinite wisdom, I take off on him … I’m fighting the dude and he dropped his Hennessy, and I think he was more mad [about that] than me actually swinging on him.

“He told his homeboy, ‘Man, blast this muthafucka!’ And my man just pulled out a TEC [gun noises]. I’m just… cold. Like, ‘I’m dead over this dumb-ass 2Pac tape.’”

Quik then said that his security guard grabbed the gun before he could seriously hurt or even kill Quik or anybody else. However, that didn’t stop Quik from getting a beatdown.

“So I’m fighting with this guy, then I end up fighting with the other guy, and the other guy kicked me all in the head and shit, I’m on the ground getting stomped and shit,” he remembered. “I get up and I’m still fighting this guy. It’s like, ‘Man, I can’t fight both! Help me fight these muthafuckas!’

“And then we had to go to a party that night still, a Whispers party that Death Row was throwing, so we end up at the Whispers party. Niggas was like, ‘You alright?! Y’all need to go the hospital!’ ‘Nah, we cool, fuck it. Charge it to the game.’”

The Compton native and record producer said that he eventually made amends with the guy accused of leaking the album. He said that the two got together a couple years ago and he apologized to him.

: “The guy that supposedly did it, I ended up making amends with him. I went and hung out with him a couple of years ago and apologized because I shouldn’t have did that. You know, Death Row was the single most dangerous record company in the world, but if you had on the chain, nothing ever happened to you.”

You can watch the full story below.


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