The Source |Megan Thee Stallion Says That Fans Encourage Beef Between Female Rappers


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Megan Thee Stallion recently sat down with Yung Miami for an episode of Caresha Please where the two talked about their experiences as female rappers.

Around the 19 minute mark of the interview, Yung Miami asked Meg how it was to work with Cardi B. Meg said that she was somewhat skeptical of working with Cardi because she wasn’t sure about each other before they met. “I love her, she was so easy to work with,” she said. “But like, when we first met I feel like we was both like, ‘We good?! Everything okay?’”

Yung Miami interjected saying that it can be like that when working with another female artist for the first time.

“Do you feel like y’all ever be in those type of predicaments, like you can’t work with somebody because you worked with somebody else?” Meg asked. She continued, “I feel like, just friends in general, when you know your friend might not feel so good about somebody, do you like, go out your way to be like, ‘Okay, bitch, I’m not fucking with you. Period.”

Yung Miami responded, saying that it is natural to want to be “loyal” to your friend when they get into a beef. “You wanna not really get into what they got going on because it’s like, if JT don’t fuck with somebody, I don’t fuck with you,” said Miami.

Meg went on to say how she believes fans encourage beef more than anybody when it comes to female artists. “I feel like it be the fans more so than anybody,” she said. “They keep it up more than the actual artists and they got the world thinking, like, something that’s not happening…”

You can watch the full interview below.


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