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The Source |Kurupt Shares Thoughts About YSL Arrests: “Tell The Law To Suck A D*ck”



The YSL R.I.C.O. arrests have been one of the biggest news stories this year and have almost been a wake-up call for many current and upcoming artists. Many people both inside and outside of the culture have shared their thoughts on the arrests. In a new interview with Vlad TV, Kurupt shared his thoughts on the situation, telling law enforcement to “suck a d*ck.”

“Hopefully they’ll be able to beat that thing,” Kurupt said. “They out to get us. When you young and Black — whatever your nationality is — when you’re young and making that money legally, they’re always gonna try to find something to take you down.”

Kurupt added, “they don’t want to see you with that money so you gotta be careful. Because you can’t do both — you can’t be on the left side of the track and the right side of the track. You gotta pick a side because things can happen to you.”

Kurupt went on to say that he believes Thug and Gunna have both learned their lesson and deserve a second chance. However, he issued a warning to the law in case Thug and Gunna are innocent. “I think they understand if they did make that mistake that I’m not gonna make it again and they’re gonna value this game and their career they’re a part of and be a better asset to society. And if they didn’t make that mistake and this is trumped up, then you know tell the law to suck a d*ck. How about that?”

You can watch the clip below.


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