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The Source |Kendrick Lamar Responds To Clip Of Security Guard Caught Crying To “Love” Performance



Music is able to capture and influence pretty much every human emotion. Some music makes us happy, some makes us mad, some feeds into our anger, some music puts us in the “mood,” etc. Some music even can make us sad, and that was the case for one security guard working at the “Big Steppers Tour.”

On one of the tour stops, Kendrick performed his DAMN. single “Love.” A would go on to catch one of the security guards crying with his back turned to the stage. The clip quickly went viral, and just goes to show the importance of music.

In a clip from an upcoming interview with Jazzy’s World TV, Kendrick says that he has seen the viral clip and talks about how important the “feeling” of his music is.

“It’s really just about the feeling of it at the end of the day,” Kendrick said. “Past all the politics, past all the numbers. It’s what music makes you feel, how it makes you feel. So to see that … And shout-out to him by the way because I seen him, bro. I was like, man, I wonder what he going through? But at the end of the day that’s how you want everybody to perceive your music.”

You can check out the clip here


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