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The Source |Fatlip Releases “Torpor” Vinyl With “The Way” Featuring Krayzie Bone & Sccit



What would be greater than a track from a hip-hop veteran? Despite differing tastes, we can all agree that nothing beats good music, especially when a veteran artist teams up with young blood producers. The combination is undoubtedly a genius output that leaves music fans wanting more of the sound. If you’re yet to experience the magic of great hip-hop tracks, Fatlip will remind you how great music tastes. The “Torpor” vinyl album from Fatlip defines talent and genius mixture.

Fatlip is a famous artist from the legendary 90s West Coast hip-hop group called The Pharcyde. The group consisted of Fatlip, Imani, Bootie Brown, and Slimkid3. The Pharcyde took over the music industry in the 90s with great hits and massive albums, including “Bizarre Ride II,” which was the group’s debut. The album took the industry by storm, with the track “Passin’ Me By” becoming a signature hit. The next album, “Labcabincalifornia,” gained the group more recognition with hits like “Runnin” and “Drop.” After that, however, internal conflicts led the group to break, and Fatlip went on a solo career.

After releasing several bangers over the years, Fatlip is back with a hit vinyl release album, “Torpor.” In a nutshell, the album is a work of genius, with Fatlip showcasing his musical prowess. “Torpor” is released under Labcabin Records, with top producers working on the production. The “Torpor” producers are two highly ranked and renowned producers, Sccit and Siavash The Grouch. Fatlip notes, “Working with upcoming and new producers keen about music is inspiring.” He adds, “match the producers’ energy with a legend’s expertise and get something lit.” Siavash The Grouch notes that Fatlip is among the most outstanding artists from the past who continues to shine.

The album features numerous multi-platinum artists, giving it a mixed feeling. One of such artists featured in the album is Krayzie Bone, from the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony crew. Fatlip teams up with Sccit and Krayzie Bone on the banger track “The Way.” The track showcases the lyric genius and artistic mastery of the trio. “The Way” is a tune to play on repeat, taking over the album and giving it a great touch. If you’re a fan of great hip-hop music, “The Way” will carry you away. Krayzie Bone is also featured on another track known as “Dust In The Wind,” with Sccit showcasing his music prowess beside production in another track, “Energy.”

“Torpor” also features major artists’ appearances, including the Death Row Records artist RBX and M.O. Besides these, the album brings back the legendary The Pharcyde. The four group members team up in a track called “My Bad,” where they pour out their hearts. The tunes remind the veteran fans of The Pharcyde how the group flexed their lyrical muscles back in the 90s.”Humble yourself and let the most high guide you,” says Fatlip. He notes that humility will take you far before you see yourself. He aims to keep releasing great tracks and albums and raising the brand’s legacy. So enjoy “Torpor” as you wait for more extraordinary future projects by Fatlip.


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