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Have you ever heard a song that strikes you as being unapologetically honest? If you’re into that kind of raw genuity, Cassie Holt is an artist you need to check out. With a sound that speaks for itself and words that strike the soul, as a singer, songwriter, and therapist, Cassie creates unignorable tunes that belong in our Spotify libraries as avid listeners of honest music. 

With a fierce determination, Cassie embodies the true meaning of an activist. She’s a relentless warrior against injustice who expresses herself in song to the delight of her loyal listeners. Cassie is a survivor of multiple forms of assault and took her experiences to become an exceptional therapist and creator. She saves trivial and superficial niceties for someone else and gets down to the gritty truth where healing change can occur in both her musical endeavors and therapeutic practice. 

Cassie is dedicated to continuous creation. Where others freeze in the face of adversity, she thrives. To maintain balance in her life, she needs to sing, write, and collaborate. Her creative spirit simply can’t be stopped, making her a force to be reckoned with. She’s a female producer who knows her own worth and has a comprehensive understanding of mental health from both sides. A survivor and a therapist, Cassie curates messages that bring listeners to the authentic experiences they seek in meaningful artistry. 

She’s not one to be silenced. Having suffered herself, Cassie is ready and willing to stand up for those who are victimized. If she sees injustice, she’ll write a song, sing about it, and tag the abusive party. According to Cassie, “I keep shit real.” 

Some of Cassie’s accomplishments include her song, “Leavin You,” being produced by S1, opening for Fantastic Negrito at the House of Blues, and being consequentially offered her own month residency afterward. Working with producers like J Rhodes, Ty Macklin, Madukwu Chinwah, R Vargas, Krunk, Lyell Roeder, Da Dreak, and more has put her name on the map, and she’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Cassie Holt believes in what she creates, which translates through her songs. She’s on a mission to be a voice for those who can’t be heard because she knows what it’s like. She’s shouting on their behalf melodiously. Cassie is on Instagram, and you can also find her on her YouTube page. When you check out her content, you’ll find it clear that she writes so she can breathe. She’s an artist because she has to be—not a gimmick, a hashtag, or clickbait. The mom and trauma therapist’s practice can also be found on Instagram, so if you want to become part of her therapy group, DM Cassie today. Whether you want to be a listener, a client, or both, she’s got what you need, and we’re all here for it!


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