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Pooh Shiesty Incites Ski Mask Trend, Prompts “Shiesty Mask” Ban



Even after dropping his “Federal Contraband” freestyle from behind bars, Pooh Shiesty had no idea that one of his favorite accessories would be considered contraband; the infamous “Shiesty” ski mask. In Shiesty’s hometown of Memphis, the ski masks are nicknamed “Shiestys” and one store has gone as far as banning the wearing of them inside of their store.

“Please remove all Shiesty’s before entering,” reads the sign on the door of the establishment.

“I can’t lie he did he got all these young niccas wearing them in also now everybody wanna be Shiesty,” one fan commented on Instagram while another wrote, “He ain’t start it but definitely popularized it fasho.”

Shiesty, whose real name is Lontrell Williams Jr., has remained behind bars at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami where the “Back In Blood” emcee has been since his arrest this past June. Shiesty managed to avoid a life sentence after copping out to a firearms conspiracy charge earlier this week.

The prosecution has recommended that Shiesty serve a maximum of 97 months or eight years under the sentencing guidelines for his role in the 2020 shooting of a robbery victim in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida.





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