Home News Paper Route Empire Salutes Young Dolph with ‘Long Live Young Dolph’

Paper Route Empire Salutes Young Dolph with ‘Long Live Young Dolph’

Paper Route Empire Honors Young Dolph with 'Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph'


Words by: Johnnie Buck

The Paper Route Empire has released a new project to honor Young Dolph who was tragically lost last November. The project is a compilation of songs aimed to pay tribute to the late rapper. The lead single is titled “LLD (Long Live Dolph)” which features Jay Fizzle and Rico Barrino.

Throughout the album, you hear about how Young Dolph impacted the lives of those around him and how he influenced them to do more. Dolph will be remembered by the hand he held out to help those around him to get to where they are trying to be. An example of this can that is most recognized with the signing of Key Glock. Dolph met Key Glock during a family gathering in 2017 and later signed him shortly after. Key Glock, who was coming off of the success of his mixtape Glock Season, saw Dolph as a mentor and was taken under his wing immediately.

On January 19th the video for the single “Proud” was released. In the video, Key Glock reflects on the lessons provided by his cousin and most noted collaborator in Young Dolph. In the song, he speaks about doing shows overseas now and notes that it is deeper than rap. Throughout the video, within the background, there is a memorial that honors Dolph and you can also see different images of Dolph and Key Glock on tour together. This album comes just about a month after Gucci Mane included a track titled “Long Live Dolph” on his So Icy Christmas project.  In the track, you can hear Gucci Mane as he pays his respects to Dolph. Gucci Mane was also a long-time friend and collaborator of Young Dolph. The Paper Route Empire is expected to drop one more posthumous project titled “Paper Route Frank” aimed for some time this year.




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