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Paper Route Empire Honors Young Dolph with ‘Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph’

Paper Route Empire Honors Young Dolph with 'Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph'


Paper Route Empire’s brilliant lineup of musicians come together for Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph, a new compilation effort that pays homage to the King of Memphis’ legacy.

Almost every artist on Paper Route Empire contributes to the project, which spans eight tracks. The Ricco Barrino-assisted, gospel-inflected “LLD,” a dedication to the man who he credits with helping his 16-year-old self escape the streets, kicks off PRE’s longest-tenured signee Jay Fizzle’s tape. On “Role Model,” Kenny Muney pays a touching tribute to his mentor by employing one of Dolph’s characteristic expressions, while Big Moochie Grape declares his ambition to take Paper Route Empire to new heights on “In Dolph We Trust.”

Long Live Dolph features PRE artists, indicating a bright future for the label that Dolph founded from the ground up. Snupe Bandz and Paper Route Woo, both from Memphis, exhibit the label’s established aesthetic of chilly calculation and drawn-out bars. Meanwhile, artists such as Brooklyn’s Joddy Badass and Chicago’s ChiTana point to Dolph’s broader vision for PRE, which goes beyond his hometown. Dolph makes an appearance on the mixtape via interview snatches, lyrical references, and the freshly released song “Love For Me,” which features Dolph and ChiTana.

Along with the release, the label’s CEO has released a statement:

“Of the many definitions of the word ‘Empire,’ the one that stands out the most is ‘a large conglomerate, ruled by a superior authority, especially an Emperor.’ And Dolph was just that. He moved through this earth with the grace of a King. He led us through this industry with strategy, knowing that there were obstacles. And with his foresight, those obstacles were, and will continue to be unsuccessful.

In this life, the measure of a man isn’t what you managed to acquire, it’s how you treated other people. Did your life have meaning. Did you give more than you received. We are so grateful that his legacy has been solidified not by what he had, but what he accomplished. Since his passing, the outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. And for this we are eternally grateful.

As a family, we are grieving. As an organization, we have never been stronger or more prepared to continue building on the foundation that Dolph set for us.

Every artist on the label–Key Glock, Jay Fizzle, Moochie Grape, Kenny Muney, Joddy Badass, ChiTana, Big Unc, Snupe Bandz, and Paper Route Woo–were all hand picked, because beyond talent, he saw in them the same hunger and determination he saw in himself. He spent time cultivating them as artists, and mentored them until they discovered their own greatness. Each one is more than ready to fulfill their destiny. And they have the support of this entire Empire behind them.

PRE is unstoppable. And we have proven this time and time again. We thank you all again for your love and support as we continue forward.


— Daddyo, Paper Route Empire CEO

You can hear the album below.




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