Home News Murder Suspect Captured In SWAT Raid At Island Boys’ Home

Murder Suspect Captured In SWAT Raid At Island Boys’ Home

The Source |Murder Suspect Captured In SWAT Raid At Island Boys' Home


According to an exclusive report from TMZ, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team raided the home of TikTok stars the Island Boys and arrested a first degree murder suspect in the Florida home.

Andrew James Thomas was arrested on charges of gun possession, violation of probation and first degree murder in connection to the drive-by shooting death of an eight-year-old girl. Neither of the Island Boys, Alex or Franky Venegas, were arrested during the raid, but Alex was there in the home when Thomas was taken into custody.

The report says that Alex Venegas told police that Thomas ran towards him holding a semi-automatic weapon with an extended clip when SWAT knocked at the door. Venegas claimed that Thomas asked him to hide the weapon, but he refused, so Thomas stashed the gun in a laundry rom closet where it was recovered by police.

The police say that it is unclear whether or not Thomas was living with the Venegas brothers or was just visiting, but the brothers alleged they had no idea that Thomas was wanted in a drive-by shooting. It has been confirmed that Thomas did grow up with the Venegas brothers.

According to Alex and Franky, their relationship with Thomas was “just knew him as a quiet kid and he would come and hang out and do his thing and go back to whatever he got going on but we had no clue about any of these allegations toward him.”





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