Latto Rips TikTok User After Being Accused of Having an ‘Attitude’ During Her Performance


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Latto’s recent performance in Philadelphia led to backlash by one TikTok user. According to the user, @ohhoneyapparel, Latto’s performance was not up to standard. The TikTok user took to the platform to show clips of the “Big Energy” rapper.

“Latto’s attitude sucked, she seemed annoyed,” stated the user. “I hope she gives/gave your city a better performance because she ain’t give a fck in Philly. That’s between her and her DJ, handle that off stage! Ppl aren’t spending money to see disagreements, get excuses or half a** performances.”

When the Boss B*tch rapper caught wind of the comment, she did not hesitate to clarify and clap back.

“What you see WASNT a disagreement it was & my DJ yelling OVER THE MUSIC to hear each other & figure out why I couldn’t hear myself! LOUD & WRONG!,” said Latto. “U couldn’t walk a MILE in my shoes.”

Following Latto’s response, the user remained quiet, but the Atlanta-based rapper was neither finished nor done. Instead, she clarified that her “attitude” stemmed from a technical issue.

“If u spent 200k on production to not sound right in ur ears so that u could perform ur best you’d be mad too,” said Latto. “But being the professional I am, I still gave it my all! This is weird smh. To attack my work ethic/character over a technical error u know nun about.”

Catch Latto in a city near you opening up for Lizzo on “The Special Tour.”


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