Kwame Brown Goes Off About Ja Morant’s Latest Incident: ‘You are NBA Dumb Boy’


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In case you missed it, Ja Morant has found himself in trouble again. The star guard for the Memphis Grizzlies has been suspended again after flashing yet another gun on Instagram while listening to NBA YoungBoy.

The Memphis Grizzlies have already suspended Morant from team activities, but there are believed to be more issues on the way for the star guard.

Hearing the news, former NBA player and now frequent league critic, Kwame Brown, hit Instagram to deliver a message. Brown also dubbed Morant a new nickname, NBA Dumb Boy.

“You want to get in trouble for having a gun in the club, give a bullshit apology, and show a gun on Instagram Live,” Brown said. “I’ve heard of NBA YoungBoy, but you NBA Dumb Boy. You got to be the dumbest mother fucker in the league.

“You got $231 million promised to you, and you want to be a fuckin thug? It’s ok for you to have a gun, you have a second amendment right to have a gun. But why do you keep pulling it out menacing for?”

A clip showing Ja flashing the gun during an Instagram Live session hit social media Sunday morning. The Grizzlies moved swiftly, suspending the guard from all team activities.

“We are aware of the social media post involving Ja Morant and are in the process of gathering more information,” NBA spokesperson Mike Bass said in a statement Sunday.

As a reminder, Morant was suspended for a previous gun incident in March, resulting in a suspension.

Seeing the news online, Fat Joe also chimed in with some words of advice for the young star.

“The man is trying hard to play for Turkey, China, or Serbia Montenegro,” Fat Joe said. “He’s trying hard to get kicked out the NBA. Those guys with you, they not your peoples Ja. They don’t care.

“This is a problem we have with our community becoming famous and the people around you love that the girls are watching and love lifestyle. But they not you, they didn’t put it in the work like you.”

You can hear it from Joe below.

After Ja’s first incident, Fat Joe as critical of the parenting of his father Tee Morant.

“Ja Morant always got his father there. Instead of his father enjoying the scene and getting drunk at the game, he better school his son,” Fat Joe said.

He added, “Your family has to really be your family and talk to you. I hope somebody gets him a copy of this because I don’t make money off Ja Morant. I’m just telling you the truth.”


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