Khaotic Clarifies What Happened Between Erica Banks & Amy Luciana


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Khaotic is a man of many talents. The Miami native is best known for his appearances on Love & Hip Hop: Miami and now Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but he’s also a musician. In fact he used to work behind-the-scenes as a music manager before returning back to his passion of creating music as a recording artist in his own right.

Most recently, Khaotic unveiled his viral hit “Appreciate Me,” the perfect summertime anthem that will have you moving and grooving, while sending flowers to the people in your life you appreciate most. The dancehall-inspired song has been paired with a special “Appreciate Me” dance, that’s taken on a life of its own via social media. 

But most recently, Khaotic was in the headlines for something else: his potential love triangle between Amy Luciani and Erica Banks. It all started when Amy Luciani posted a side by side photo of herself and Erica Banks rocking the same outfit, while calling out Khaotic in the caption. 

With the two females calling each other out in the comments, The Source got the inside tea on what happened in the first place.

Can you clarify real quick what happened between Amy Luciani and Erica Banks?

Really wha I was doing, I was really finna put both of them in a video shoot together. The theme of the video shoot, they had to have on matching outfits. They ended up wearing outfits outside the video shoot, and that was it. Amy took it as if I was trying to be funny and buy both of them the same outfits, but it wasn’t that. I wasn’t being funny. As far as the hair, I was also paying for their hair to get done for the shoot also.

Did the shoot happen?

No, it got canceled because I had to fly out the day I was doing it. I was rescheduling it, but they ended up wearing their outfits.

They got the clothes, even though the video shoot was canceled?

It’s okay, they deserve it. They good women. Great women.

Talk about linking with Sukihana on “Princess Treatment.”

Suki my dawg, I love Suki so much. Me and her got a really dope, amazing relationship. Because for a minute, I was behind-the-scenes in the music. I was writing and managing artists myself for a minute, then I came back to the forefront. I’m like fuck it, I’ma put out some more music. I’m start back putting out music.

That was one of my first records coming back with. I hit Suki like I need a feature babygirl. I dropped the “Princess Treatment record,” who better than Suki on this? When I told her let’s do it, she pulled up to the studio with no invitation. She blessed me, I loved her for that. Same thing with the video, she showed hella love. I love Suki.

Can you talk about your friendship with Lil Scrappy?

That’s not a friendship, that’s a bromance. Anybody that don’t know, me and Scrappy is not in a friendship. We are in a bromance. He gon’ hate that I said that. [laughs] That’s my brother. Life tend to take people’s relationships to a whole nother level, through some of the most traumatic situations. Some of the most worst situations that a person can be going through in life can bring out some of the most beautiful situations, with more beautiful relationships.

Me and Scrappy were both in situations where we both experienced hardships in our life. We were both going through something that was very traumatic for the both of us. Having each other’s back and supporting each other through it all has made our bond so tight. I remember me and him was in a parking lot underground in Atlantic Station, pouring our hearts out. Sad and depressed about situations in life. To go from that to being outside, enjoying, living and prospering, being happy and overcoming those things that we went through was an amazing feeling. To be able to overcome something like that with somebody standing by your side throughout at all, it makes you say damn, I really fuck with you. We went through shit together that showed us we got each other’s back.


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