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Music lovers, in this latest release, Kēvens effortlessly blends the two genres to create a fresh and innovative sound that is sure to captivate your ears. His passion for music is evident in every beat, and you’ll find yourself feeling the healing force that has kept him on his lifelong journey to be the self-proclaimed “The Dub Guardian”.

Kēvens believes that music is a powerful tool that can bring people from all walks of life together. Kēvens’ passion for music and his commitment to the genres has earned him the respect of many in the industry. His music is a reflection of his journey and his desire to spread love, peace and positivity through his art. “Legal Dreamers”, his new single with a global release date of June 23rd, is a testament to Kēvens’ talent as a musician and his dedication to his craft. “Legal Dreamers” has been moving up the Jamaica Music Countdown Charts. The song is a call to action for people to come together and work towards a better future for all. Kēvens’ unique blend of dub and EDM creates a sound that is both fresh and familiar, and his lyrics speak to the heart of the human experience. Recognized as a live drum and bass pioneer, he was the first to bring live drum and bass to the early rave scene back in the late nineties. A few of the major and pioneering EDM festivals of the day he performed at includes but not limited to: The Florida Zen Music Festival, Cyberfest and Ultra Music Festival, which inaugural’s date had him headlining as MC with Rabbit in the Moon. Kēvens performed with his live band and was the first to do so for Ultra for the first five (5) years and has graced their stage in South Korea not too long ago.

As The Dub Guardian, Kēvens is committed to preserving the legacy of reggae music while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the genre with his inflections on EDM in his innovative sound. His music is a reflection of his personal journey and his desire to create a more harmonious world. With Legal Dreamers, Kēvens reminds us that we are all connected and that we have the power to make a positive difference in the world. Kēvens and his staff at KTF Music is currently gearing up for the up and coming release of the “DUB GUARDIAN – MIX, which the release date is scheduled for August 23, 2023.

Kēvens has a focus on healing the community at large to gain the mental strength needed to renew a sense of oneness. Kēvens has been meditating daily for years as a part of his plea to his ‘Higher Self” on behalf of humanity for more love and peace for all humanity’s glory. The global reset of the 2020 lockdown sent him back to basics where it all started for him, with Jamaica’s Sound Systems Culture. Legal Dreamers was birthed in solidarity and to build on the foundation.

Haven’t heard of Sound Systems? They’re these incredible machines that have been bringing people together since the 1950s in the Caribbean and all over the world. DJs, also known as Selectors (of which Kēvens was one of the masters at), would put together these towering speakers to create mobile sound systems on wheels, trucks, and even unique designs with art and colors. It’s such a creative way to showcase the individuality of each sound maker.

The Sound System is like the drum, homegrown and homemade, used for direct communication with the people. In Jamaica, Sound Systems were a huge part of daily life, providing soundtracks through dubplates, specials, and soundboxes. Even today, Sound System culture continues to evolve globally, amplifying and broadcasting from its Jamaican roots.

Similar to the way that Sound Systems touched the daily life of Jamaicans, as their soundtracks, through dubplates, specials and soundboxes, Kēvens’ new single Legal Dreamers is setting the stage for one of the world’s biggest records. Kēvens said: “It’s amazing to see how the ingenuity and resourcefulness of grassroots Sound System culture continues to thrive and benefit listeners, while also being the basis for a variety of musical evolutions. The Sound System represents each individual’s contribution to our community and how the effort and energy of each one makes family.” He went on to speak on the record saying: “Legal Dreamers is more of a mantra than a record, one recited towards a world built on love and inclusion. Recalling the late Peter Tosh’s lyrics “No matter where you come from, as long as you’re a Black man you’re an African” and as it stands. Africa is the cradle of civilization which in turn makes us all African.”

Legal Dreamers will be the soundtrack for the Times we are living in when it is imperative to cultivate safe spaces where we can feel free to love openly again. Complementing one another as the marriage of the drum and the bass have done for generations in reggae. So as a follower of The Dub Guardian, let us remember in dub we trust, in this life, love is a must.

In an increasingly divisive world, where age, nationality, race and religion are creating an ever-widening gap between people, Kēvens is on a quintessential mission: utilize the power of his music to bring souls from all four corners of this world to dance together.

With skills and artistry this former DJ turned Actor/Singer/Songwriter, strives to take everyone to a higher level of consciousness while embracing and channeling his world-beat influences and personal growth. His music is promoting a theme of multiculturalism, spiritual enlightenment, artistic expression and positivism.

Kēvens started his journey spinning records in Miami but the innately poetic performer’s musical roots were more clearly witnessed when he joined the groundbreaking, progressive reggae group: Le Coup, with Richard and Anthony Booker. In fact, family matriarch Cedella Marley. Booker told young Kēvens very early in his musical career: “Like a letter, you must write a song with purpose.” His live shows consist of a lush drum ‘n’ bass amalgam of vocal dexterity and musicianship, mixed with a progressive rock-reggae dub style and stunning dance as well as visual imagery.

Kēvens’ knack for the timely and profound has enabled him to tour all over the world and finds him alongside an eclectic array of legends and prodigies including: Steven Tyler, Ice Cube, Tiestö, Daft Punk, Duran Duran, Carlos Santana, The Jacksons to name a few.

This global citizen coined the ultimate mantra: “Positivity is a Necessity”. Stream “Legal Dreamers” below and be on the lookout for Kevens future drops.

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