How Vishal Mehta is Booming on Music- An Indian Drummer Artist


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Every great dream begins with a passion. Always remember, you have all within you, the strength, the patience, and all the passion to reach the stars to change the world.

With the same inspiration, our protagonist Vishal Mehta (Vishal Mehta Live) preached his art of playing the drums. Born & brought up in Meerut, UP with prior education in the same town and then later moving to the heart of the nation to pursue his dream of becoming a musician as he had started playing drums when he was 6 or 7 years old.

Vishal, during the period of schooling, started practicing the drums just for fun and with a bit of attraction but eventually developed an interest, and that soon transformed it into a passion. During the tenure of his basic learning and practicing, he enjoyed playing the drums, seamlessly, energetically, and effortlessly, the feeling of holding the sticks & rhythmic behavior enchanted his soul. Hence, The love for drumming still rejuvenates his mind and soul entirely.

As soon as he moved to college, he started playing drums in a college band and participated in different inter & intera, arts & music festivals. With all this immense exposure, he enriched his playing after college also and got his first serious break with, “Padam Shri Hans Raj Hans” for “Sufi playing”.

Vishal Mehta

Amazing, isn’t it? An achievement and that too at an early stage of life. Appreciating that and soon he moved to play with an English band called “Crimson”, with a group of musicians such as Gaurav Balani, Aditi Singh Sharma & Bhaskar Gurung, where he later shared the platform with some people as “Groove Adda” for 7 years of his life.

Vishal believes that music is an art and the understanding towards these changes from person to person. You choose to admire an artist whose taste seems similar to you. Personally, he feels like every musician is a unique artist and the best in their way.

Let’s talk about his journey to one of the finest bands, “Euphoria”. In 2014, when & where Vishal was enjoying his Profession with Nasya, a Sufi Rock and Pop band, Prashant Trivedi, already a member of Euphoria, approached him and asked if he could play for the Euphoria concert, scheduled two days later in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.
Vishal immediately grabbed the opportunity and gave his best. His efforts and strong performance made everyone fascinated about him and he became a member of Euphoria.

Music has its own language and culture. Still, Euphoria and Vishal are dependent on one another, but at the same time, their understanding of music and their approach is pious and unique in their way.

We must mention his one of the best works and a huge milestone, that is his very first album “ALONE”. That became an instant hit, much beyond his expectations. Then later in 2019, he came out with a single GUFTAGU, and now in Feb 2021, he again came out with an Indi pop-Electonic album known as ONLY YOU.

Follow him on Instagram: Vishalmehtamusic


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