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Gunna Seemingly Responds to Bay Area Claims

The Source |Gunna Seemingly Responds to Bay Area Claims


Congratulations to Gunna as it has recently been announced that the 28-year-old rapper has surpassed The Weekend, taking the number one spot on the charts this week. In wake of his third studio album release, DS4Ever, the Atlanta rapper introduced some new vocabulary to social media.


“You gotta push P, so this is pushing P. Like when your backyard in the inside and outside, that’s P. You know what I’m saying, you pushing P,” he explains in an Instagram live stream. “When you go to renting these things, you kicking P. When You go to owning and cashing in, spending your hard earns, you pushing P. — P just don’t mean player, P mean paper too, you been pushing this paper.”

As the days have gone by, and more and more social media users have caught wind of the rapper’s new lingo, the Bay area called out the “Mop” rapper accusing him of stealing their lingo and incorrectly using the term.

“P definitely came from the Bay Area but a lot of y’all think gunna started the trend,” one tweet read.

“These rappers stay bitin off the Bay Area! Obviously Gunna wit the whole sh*t. Soulja boy did the smeeze on fortnite, made a song widdit & ya tried to call it the Rick & morty. Etcetera etcetera lol,” another tweet read.

Well, the conversation became hot after many Bay Area natives began to call the rapper out for allegedly stealing their lingo. Gunna seemingly responded to the accusations in a post to his social media. “Bra.. My [P]ops taught me how to be a [P]laya looongggg time ago p! A real [P] would never hate on the next [P]! Pz are WorldWide!” he stated.

Check out the music video to Pushin P below.




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