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Gunna Opens Up About Beef With Freddie Gibbs

Gunna Opens Up About Beef With Freddie Gibbs | The Source


The feud between Gunna and Freddie Gibbs has been boiling for quite some time. The two rappers exchanged a few words to each other on Twitter, prior to the release of Gunna’s third studio album “DS4Ever,” when the “Oh Okay” rapper posted Freddie Gibbs would have the “biggest moment of his career” once his album releases.

The statement sparked a war of Twitter fingers after Freddie accused Gunna of being a snitch. “U can say U sold more records got more money but I ain’t never been on crime stoppers,” Freddie responded.

The beef between the two has been going on since last year. Some fans are curious as to how it got to this point in the first place. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Gunna explains how the beef between the two rappers began.

Gunna explained that after making accusations that Gunna was a snitch, years later Gibbs would request a collaboration with the Pushing P rapper, which didn’t sit well with him. “He tried to do a song with me through my manager. It’s like, ‘Huh? Wait, what?”

“It was a long, long, long time ago, maybe years ago, and he thought I forgot. I just don’t forget. If I got a problem with you from five years ago, it’s still [a problem]. It don’t change. It can be ten years later. I’m gon’ get you,” he continued.

In Gunna’s song, “Poochie Gown” on his album, Gunna threw a shot at Freddie Gibbs with the lyrics,  “I can’t f*ck with Freddie Gibbs.” What was your favorite song on the DS4Ever album? Check out the rest of the clip below.





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