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Former NYPD Who Dated, Moved Drugs For 6ix9ine’s Nine Trey Bloods Ducks Prison

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According to a report from The Daily News, an ex-NYPD sergeant who was pegged as a drug carrier for the Nine Trey Bloods in Brooklyn that were associated with controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine somehow avoided prison time in court this past Thursday.

Arlicia Robinson, 41, was sentenced to a four-year supervised release on probation by Manhattan Federal Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein after allegedly trafficking more than 100 grams of heroin. Robinson was also accused of dating two “Five Star generals” of the Nine Trey gang, Kristian Cruz and Aaron “Bat” Young. Young was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for his role in the Nine Trey organization.

While the prosecutor recommended that Robinson be sentenced to five years in prison, Judge Hellerstein decided that Robinson’s mental and physical abuse at the hands of Young, along with her own abusive past, was enough for her to receive a lenient sentence.

“All of us have an inner turmoil that can prevent correct decision-making. And sometimes, that inner turmoil rises to such a degree because of the deprivations of life and childhood and abuse and the like that robs an individual of being able to make an autonomous decision,” said Judge Hellerstein. “It’s very hard to find a condition of life more difficult than the conditions Ms. Robinson went through. One of the purposes of punishment is to rehabilitate a person. You’ve shown, Ms. Robinson, your own rehabilitation, even before your punishment, by choosing a life of helping others and supporting your family and your children. And making yourself clean and strong to do those things is highly commendable.”

Upon receiving her sentence, the former police sergeant said, “I know now and I always will that what I did was wrong. I take full responsibility for my poor decision-making and behavior. I was not thinking clearly and was not thinking straight.”





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