Home News Fivio Foreign Says Trinidad James “Lost His Mind” Over Viral Controversy

Fivio Foreign Says Trinidad James “Lost His Mind” Over Viral Controversy

Fivio Foreign Says Trinidad James "Lost His Mind" Over Viral Controversy


Drink Champs has been home to some of the most controversial interviews in HipHop. Viewers are still settling down from the Kanye West interview where he made a few claims that shocked both the viewers and host of the show. This time, Trinidad James is next to stun the folks after claiming that he coined the word, “viral.”

“The word viral did not exist in HipHop. N*ggas never said ‘this nigga going viral’ or ‘I’m trying to go viral,’” James stated on the show. “I’m a fan of HipHop bro, I’m a fan of music, listening to everybody’s sh*t respectfully. We have never said that term of ‘that n*gga just went viral today’ that just wasn’t in our vocabulary. Until All Gold Everything came out, then every label from there on out and still right now is trying to find artists to make them go viral, that’s what they do.”

Aside from his hair, Trinidad James is most notable for his 2012 hit single “All Gold Everything” which climbed the charts to number 36 on Billboard’s Hot 100 the following year.

While the host of the show seemed to egg Trinidad James on, many quickly joined the discussion on social media, including Fivio Foreign who’s mostly known for using terms such as “viral” and “movie” in his lyrics, were opposed to the idea that Trinidad James started the term.

“Trinidad James musta lost his f*ccin mind talkin he started da word Viral,” Fivio penned on Twitter.

While many agree with Fivio, Soulja Boy, aka King of the firsts, also joined in on the conversation to state that he was the “first rapper to go viral.”

“I went viral before viral was a word,” the rapper commented with laughing emojis.

Could Trinidad James have a point?




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