DaeShawn Forrest Releases Long-Awaited Brand New Album, Transparent 2


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Since the month of March Hip-Hop artist, DaeShawn Forrest, has been consistently teasing his audience with the release of “something special”. It all started with the release of his first single of the year, “A Moment’s Time”, which doubled as not only a song, but also a short film in which the Bay Area native showcased the rise and fall of his engagement just months before what would have been his wedding day. He progressed the story with the release of his second single, “Walk Away”, in which he showcased his battles with moving on from his heartbreak.

DaeShawn would go on to release two more singles, the anger-filled “Revenge On The Soul ” and his most recent one, “Once More”, in which he discovered a new appreciation for life after dealing with depression. He released these songs over the course of the past four months, each of them progressing the story of DaeShawn’s rise, fall, and restoration in their own unique way.

Now the time for teases and sneak peeks has passed and the 22-year-old artist has finally released his long-awaited project, “Transparent 2”. The project consists of 15 tracks in which the listener experiences DaeShawn’s highly emotional pitfall and recovery in his personal life. “Transparent 2” lives up to its name as DaeShawn pulls no punches while diving into his anger issues, broken heart, suicidal thoughts, depression, trust issues, lustful addictions, and his journey towards bouncing back from all of his hardships. One listen straight through the album and one can easily conclude that the things he has encountered have changed him forever.

“I healed through creating this project”, stated the artist. “I honestly wasn’t concerned about how others may end up viewing this. I know that I was going to dive into the good, the bad, and the ugliest of ugly on this and I was okay with it because all that mattered to me was getting through. It was the worst phase of life I’ve ever been in. I found myself resorting back to old self-destructive habits. I found myself in the darkest head space I’ve ever been in and believed that no one would understand. So, I turned to music and just left it all out there creatively as if I would never have the chance to do this again”, DaeShawn further explained.

“Transparent 2” is the young artist’s best work yet and is relatable on a level that many would find refreshing and touching. It is filled with rawness and honest experiences that some would be afraid to talk about. Not only does he tell his story musically, but he also tells it through film.

“As it stands we have about 8 music videos that we’ve shot for the project along with some short films to better fill in the gaps of the story,” says DaeShawn. “My desire was to make this more than just a typical album but a complete experience. I want the people to not only feel this musically, but experience it all visually. I think this gives everyone a better understanding of what’s happening as you progress through the album. I have quite a bit of the videos out now, but more will be released over the coming months.”

Along with the release of “Transparent 2”, DaeShawn Forrest also releases a new music video for his song “Close The Door”, an R&B inspired track featuring Le’Tresse Cherie, which depicts DaeShawn’s some of lustful habits. The film stars him and Kezia Macasa and is co-directed by DaeShawn Forrest and Brandon Orozco.

“Transparent 2” is produced by DaeShawn Forrest with some help from long time friend Jenna Rodriguez and is available now on all platforms.

Download Transparent 2:https://linktr.ee/daeshawnforrest

Close The Door” Music Video: https://youtu.be/wLNc4QI1UFw

Official Website: http://forevertransparent.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daeshawnforrest/


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