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Bow Wow Reacts to Social Media Meme | The Source

Bow Wow Reacts to Social Media Meme | The Source


While the media and blogs haven’t had a great history with rapper Bow Wow, the self-proclaimed, King of 106 and Park chimes in on a new social media meme centered around his music.

Bow Wow became a trending topic yesterday evening following a meme that states, “Imagine a n*gga puts a gun to your head and tells you to name 3 ow wow songs.” Some fans put respect on the rapper’s name, while other fans questioned if they could beat the test.

“Damn I’m only 34 and y’all can’t name 3 of my songs, I’m bout to start telling ppl I’m 56,” the rapper joked on Twitter.

At just 13 years old, Bow Wow debuted in the early 2000s with his album “Beware of Dog” under So So Def Records. The 10 track project featured some of the rapper’s most notable hits such as “Bow Wow,” “Ghetto Girls,” and “Bounce With Me” featuring R&B girl group, Xscape. Besides being seen behind the mic, Bow Wow also gained prominence on the big screen starring in movies such as Like Mike, Roll Bounce, Lottery Ticket, and more. Currently, the rapper is gearing up to release what he says will be his final album.

Would you be able to name three Bow Wow songs in the given scenario? Check out the conversation below.




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