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Rello Ranzano is a master who approaches music differently in a world full of singer-songwriters who carefully pen their thoughts, pour their emotions onto paper, and carefully craft verses. What matters to Ranzano more than putting pen to paper are genuine feelings, life events, and an innate ability to create.

According to Ranzano, “I don’t write, I just sit there and feel the best,” and he lets the music and his emotions dictate what he creates. This natural method of making allows the composer to feel more intimately connected to his work. It’s not about cranking out songs in the hopes that some of them will catch on with the masses; rather, it’s about giving voice to an emotion or an experience.

This approach provides an unspoken independence. Without the constraints of predetermined lyrics, Ranzano’s music is free to develop organically in the moment. He has a knack for capturing the energy of the moment, which translates to songs that ring true. “It’s all real experiences, feelings, and situations in every track,” he says. This makes for a more engrossing listening experience. The songs Ranzano performs are unlike any others. It’s a window into his experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

His creative approach to making music is almost identical to that of traditional freestyle rap: it’s raw, instinctual, and intense. Ranzano’s non-writing approach, on the other hand, isn’t about showing off lyrical prowess or competing in battles; rather, it’s about giving voice to genuine emotion. As he puts it, “I do everything it takes, but it’s all off the top of my head.” This novel approach yields sound that is as genuine as the artist creating it.

Don’t mistake the simplicity of this method for shallowness. On the contrary. While distinct, this method calls for an in-depth familiarity with one’s own emotions and the ability to pair them with the ideal melody or rhythm.

It’s an approach that few people are capable of, and it might seem foolish in a field where careful preparation and draftsmanship are the norm. Still, for Ranzano, this way of sharing his experiences is entirely natural and organic. His writing does not go through numerous revisions. They are genuine and heartfelt, which is what attracts listeners.

The universal appeal of Ranzano’s music is due in large part to his unconventional approach, which transcends national boundaries. Thinking about how his music can be appreciated by people of all backgrounds, eras, and locations, he says, “I think my feelings go well with any culture, the past, present, and future because it’s relatable.” The value of this kind of familiarity is growing with the globalization of the world. Ranzano is more than just a musician; his songs serve as a unifying force, bringing people together from all walks of life.

For Ranzano, it’s not about following the crowd or settling for mediocrity. Being honest with himself and his audience is paramount. To paraphrase, “I say the things that people are afraid to say or what men really feel and think but are inhibited from saying due to not trying to look soft or weak,” he says.

Rello Ranzano’s willingness to expose himself emotionally without the protection of scripted lyrics is a sign of his dedication to the art form. He invites the audience to go on a journey with him, one that goes in no particular direction but rather meanders through the terrain of his inner life.


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