ASAP Bari Says Knocking Out a Man Who Stole His Jewelry Led to Jumping – The Source


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ASAP Bari is offering clarity to a viral video of him being attacked by multiple men. As the Internet ran with the story that he was being jumped in his home of Harlem, Bari hit Instagram to offer more context.

“Everyday it’s something new with me from niggas hating on me to niggas rapper about me the best thing to do is have a great meal and get ready for another pay day,” Bari wrote.

“This last time talking about it. A niggas stole my chain two years ago out car without me know and I seen him so I knocked him out and his niggas jumped in,” Bari wrote. “Would have jump me to after the way I knocked him out. I’m so gangster I was solo with my jewelry on. These the same niggas who put money in my pocket. I’m real Harlem.”

In a video that is now going viral, ASAP and Vlone co-founder ASAP Bari was caught out there and jumped by multiple people on a basketball court in his hometown of Harlem.

The video shows Bari squaring off with another unidentified man, but not long before, others join in and begin throwing punches at the Harlem tastemaker. A man and woman eventually get in between the altercation, which eventually ends the brawl.

Bari has had a series of unfortunate events unfold ever since he was accused of sexual assault in 2017. Since then, he has been fired from Vlone and dissed by ASAP Rocky during his Rolling Loud Set. Bari accused ASAP member Relli of being a snitch after ASAP Rocky was arrested in 2021 at LAX Airport after Relli was allegedly shot in his hand by Rocky.


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